Studied under, graduated class,  research the following;


  • Jack Canfield  ~ The Principles of Success Graduate 2015

  • The Silva Method - Certified  2011 Graduate 

  • Integrative Wellness Academy - Certified 2017 Graduate

  • Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting

  • The Purpose Driven Life - 40 Day Journey Completed    

  • Holistic Learning Center - Hu Dalconzo, Founder - Completed Course 2009


In my Libray & Studied;


Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ophra Winfrey, Karen Noe, Abraham and Esther Hicks, plus see my library...    



Here’s a sampling of what she is up to today.


  • An honorable member of The Recording Academy (The Grammy’s)

  • A respected member of ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers).

  • An artist, entertainer, singer who feels blessed to have performed in settings like: "America's Got Talent"; Madison Square Garden; Bergen Pac and the Palm Beach Breakers Hotel.

  • Founder and President of the Language of Love Foundation INC.

  • Creator RenéMarie – A Brand – RenéMarie Productions LLC.

  • Creator/Director of the Language of Love Telethon held annually

  • Exciting and vibrant talk show host of RenéMarie Stroke of Luck TV

  • Sports Athlete / Career / Coach 

  • Published author of “Stroke of Luck”

  • Motivational and Keynote Speaker

  • Life Coach



your Practice 


The Silva Method
Integrative Wellness Academy


RenéMarie has a list of accolades a mile long, but that’s not all there is to her; she’s so much more. With a multi-faceted array of talents and a passion for bringing light to all - RenéMarie is a miracle, whose purpose is to influence Spiritual Translucent Evolution in our Universe.


Not only is she a miracle, she even witnessed one, as well. Back in 1989, RenéMarie experienced first-hand a divine intervention. Having suffered a major stroke and as she lay in the clay of a softball field, unconscious and silenced, her whole world was transformed. After an out-of-body experience, she was given the “Gift” (as she likes to call it) of having a “Stroke of Luck.” A divine calling was put upon her; one to which she would honor and uphold until today.


Her passion, her mission, and her vision are all one in the same; to leave behind a legacy – a legacy of LOVE.


A Visionary