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Om Shanti Om Movie Full Hd 1080p

Om Shanti Om movie full hd 1080p

Om Shanti Om movie full hd 1080p

Om Shanti Om is a 2007 Indian Hindi-language romantic fantasy film written and directed by Farah Khan, co-written by Mayur Puri and Mushtaq Shiekh, and produced by Gauri Khan under the banner of Red Chillies Entertainment. The film stars Shah Rukh Khan as Om Prakash Makhija, a poor junior film artist in 1977, who falls in love with a secretly-married film actress Shantipriya, portrayed by Deepika Padukone (in her Hindi debut). Her husband and a film producer Mukesh Mehra, played by Arjun Rampal, betrays her and murders her in a fire. Om witnesses this and is severely injured while trying to rescue her, resulting in his death as well. Being reborn as rich superstar Om Kapoor in 2007, he sets out to seek revenge from Mukesh with the help of Shanti's doppelganger Sandy. Shreyas Talpade and Kirron Kher appear in the film as well and cameos from several Indian film celebrities are seen in several sequences and songs.

The film is a tribute to the Hindi film industry of the 1970s and 1980s, featuring references to many popular films, songs, actors and filmmakers of that era. The title of the film comes from a popular song from Subhash Ghai's Karz (1980), which also had a reincarnation theme. The film also borrows some elements from The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975), Madhumati (1958) and Karz (1980). The film was released on 9 November 2007 on the occasion of the festival of Diwali, earning 150 crore worldwide, thus becoming the highest grossing Hindi film of 2007, in addition to becoming the highest-grossing Hindi film ever at the time of its release. It received positive reviews from critics upon release, with praise for its story, screenplay, soundtrack, production design, costumes and performances of the cast.


Plot summary

The film is divided into two parts: the first part is set in 1977 and the second part is set in 2007. The plot summary is as follows:

  • In 1977, Om Prakash Makhija is a struggling junior artist who dreams of becoming a famous actor like his idol Rajesh Kapoor. He works with his friend Pappu and his mother Bela on various film sets. He also has a crush on Shantipriya, a top actress who is secretly married to Mukesh Mehra, a ruthless producer who wants to marry the daughter of a wealthy industrialist for money.

  • One day, Om saves Shanti from a fire accident on the set of a film. He gets a chance to meet her and confesses his love for her. Shanti reciprocates his feelings and reveals that she is pregnant with Mukesh's child. She also tells him that she plans to announce her marriage to the public at the premiere of her next film Om Shanti Om.

  • However, Mukesh overhears their conversation and decides to kill Shanti. He traps her in the studio and sets it on fire. Om witnesses this and tries to save her, but he is attacked by Mukesh's goons. He manages to escape and reaches the studio, but it is too late. He sees Shanti burning alive inside and dies from his injuries.

  • In 2007, Om is reincarnated as Om Kapoor, a superstar and the son of Rajesh Kapoor. He suffers from pyrophobia and has no memory of his previous life. He also has a strange connection with the film Om Shanti Om, which was never completed due to Shanti's death.

  • One day, he meets Sandy, an aspiring actress who looks exactly like Shanti. He hires her for his next film Dreamy Girl, which is a remake of Om Shanti Om. He also meets Mukesh, who has returned to India after becoming a successful Hollywood producer.

  • Om starts to regain his memories of his past life after encountering various triggers. He realizes that Sandy is the reincarnation of Shanti and that Mukesh is responsible for her murder. He decides to take revenge on Mukesh by exposing him in front of everyone.

  • He recreates the same set where Shanti was killed and invites Mukesh to the film's premiere. He confronts Mukesh and reveals his true identity as Om Prakash Makhija. He also shows him the footage of Shanti's death, which he had secretly recorded on a camera.

  • Mukesh tries to escape, but he is caught by the police. He confesses his crime and is arrested. Om and Sandy reunite and express their love for each other. They also receive the blessings of Om's mother Bela, who is also reincarnated as Dolly, a film journalist.

Cast and crew

The cast and crew of the film are as follows:



Om Prakash Makhija/Om Kapoor

Shah Rukh Khan


Deepika Padukone

Mukesh Mehra

Arjun Rampal

Pappu Master

Shreyas Talpade

Bela Makhija/Dolly

Kirron Kher

Rajesh Kapoor

Javed Sheikh


Farah Khan


Gauri Khan


Farah Khan, Mayur Puri, Mushtaq Shiekh

Soundtrack and songs

The soundtrack of the film was composed by VishalShekhar, with lyrics written by Javed Akhtar. The album consists of 12 songs, featuring various singers and genres. The songs are as follows: - Ajab Si: A romantic song sung by KK, picturized on Om and Shanti. - Dard-E-Disco: A disco song sung by Sukhwinder Singh, Marianne D'Cruz and Nisha Mascarenhas, picturized on Om Kapoor. - Deewangi Deewangi: A medley song sung by Shaan, Udit Narayan, Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chauhan and Rahul Saxena, featuring cameos from 31 film stars. - Main Agar Kahoon: A romantic song sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal, picturized on Om Kapoor and Sandy. - Jag Soona Soona Lage: A sad song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Richa Sharma, picturized on Om Kapoor after he regains his memories. - Dhoom Taana: A retro song sung by Abhijeet Bhattacharya and Shreya Ghoshal, picturized on Om Prakash Makhija and Shantipriya in various film scenes. - Dastaan-E-Om Shanti Om: A theme song sung by Shaan, picturizing the story of Om Prakash Makhija and his reincarnation as Om Kapoor. - Daastan (The Dark Side Mix): A remix version of Dastaan-E-Om Shanti Om by DJ Nikhil Chinappa and DJ Nawed. - Dard-E-Disco (Remix): A remix version of Dard-E-Disco by DJ Aqeel. - Deewangi (Rainbow Mix): A remix version of Deewangi Deewangi by DJ Kiran and DJ G. - Om Shanti Om (Medley Mix): A medley mix of all the songs from the film by Jackie V. - Om Shanti Om (Theme Music): An instrumental theme music composed by Sandeep Chowta. Where to watch Om Shanti Om movie full hd 1080p?

If you want to watch Om Shanti Om movie full hd 1080p, you can stream it online on various streaming platforms such as Netflix, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Apple TV . You can also rent or buy the movie online from these platforms. However, the availability and price of the movie may vary depending on your region and subscription plan. You can use the website JustWatch to compare the different options and find the best deal for you. I hope you enjoyed this article on Om Shanti Om movie full hd 1080p. If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, you might also like these other films that are similar to Om Shanti Om: - Karz (1980): A classic musical thriller that also deals with the theme of reincarnation and revenge. Starring Rishi Kapoor, Tina Munim, and Simi Garewal. - Happy New Year (2014): A comedy heist film that reunites Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone with director Farah Khan. Also featuring Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Boman Irani, and Vivaan Shah. - Dilwale (2015): A romantic action comedy that pairs Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol for the fourth time. Also starring Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Johnny Lever, and Sanjay Mishra. - Chennai Express (2013): A masala film that mixes romance, comedy, and action. Starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone as a mismatched couple who embark on a journey from Mumbai to Rameswaram. - Main Hoon Na (2004): A spy comedy drama that marks the directorial debut of Farah Khan. Starring Shah Rukh Khan as an army officer who goes undercover as a college student. Also featuring Sushmita Sen, Zayed Khan, Amrita Rao, and Sunil Shetty. Here are some more facts and trivia about Om Shanti Om movie that you might find interesting: - The film was inspired by the Hollywood movie The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975), which Farah Khan had seen as a child. She also incorporated elements from other Bollywood films such as Madhumati (1958) and Karz (1980), which also had reincarnation themes. - The film features a song called Deewangi Deewangi, which is a tribute to the Hindi film industry of the 1970s and 1980s. The song has cameo appearances from 31 film stars, including Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Rani Mukerji, and many more. - The film also has a scene where Om Kapoor attends the Filmfare Awards ceremony, which is a spoof of the actual event. The scene features several jokes and references to various films, actors, and controversies of that time. - The film was nominated for 17 Filmfare Awards,

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