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DU Caller Review €? Free Caller ID, Call Blocker Call Recorder For Android

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DU Caller Review – Free Caller ID, Call Blocker Call Recorder for Android


Caller ID apps try to fix this problem of unknown callers by maintaining a database of cell phone numbers. DU Caller is one such caller ID app which tells you who that unknown caller might be. Thus, you get a fair idea about who is calling/texting you and if it should be attended. Here is all that DU Caller has to offer.

DU Caller also features live caller ID which shows the name of the unknown caller before you actually pick the call. This is achieved via a dialogue box which pops up when you make or receive a call. You can also customize (Settings > Pop up dialog) the popup to only show for unknown callers or only incoming calls. Live caller ID requires a 3G/4G or WiFi connection to check with the online database in real-time. It will not work over 2G connections because data connection is paused when a call is made over 2G network.

DU Caller comes with a call blocker inbuilt. It is nothing new as many smartphones now come with the feature of blocking calls. DU Caller, however, offers slightly better experience as it is a caller ID app and it has a list of over 311,800 phone numbers which are reported to be common spammers.

DU Caller is a wonderful app which serves various purposes viz Caller ID, Blocker, and Recorder. It also combines some extra goodies in the form of private contacts and life assistant. While the Caller ID database is not as huge as the likes of Truecaller, the app is currently ad-free and hopefully, it will continue to be ad-free in the future once it attains a larger user base.

One of the most overlooked caller ID apps in the Play Store is Phone by Google. With more than 500 million downloads, Google's official phone calling app takes advantage of Google's extensive caller ID coverage to tell you who's calling even if they're not in your phone contacts.

There's a lot of controversy around how Truecaller uses your data. Its advantages include superior design, great functionality, and high identification accuracy. Overall, it does exactly what it claims to do: identify unknown callers. On top of that, Truecaller even offers iOS compatibility. However, Truecaller could be accessing more than you bargained for.

Some articles claim that Truecaller raids your contacts list, adding it to their database. Truecaller has rejected these claims stating that it does not automatically harvest the contacts of those who download the app from the Play Store.

If you're concerned about the use of your data, then you can restrict Truecaller from processing your data from within the app's privacy center. You can also access and download your data from the privacy menu.

Need something a little more straightforward? Look no further than Hiya. (Hiya also owns the Mr. Number app and is also a part of the Phone by Google app.) Hiya offers features similar to Truecaller, such as a telemarketer/scammer block-list, a caller ID feature, and more.

With 4.4 out of 5 stars, Whoscall ranks among the Play Store's top caller ID apps. It offers similar features as the other apps in this list. However, it seems somewhat more privacy-minded than its competitors. We didn't observe it transferring large amounts of data in the background either.

Ideally, a caller ID app should offer two things: First, it needs to identify callers using publicly available databases. Second, it needs to block telemarketers or unwanted callers. For Americans seeking to block irritating callers on landlines, check out the National Do Not Call Registry.

While all of the apps on this list can help with those issues, some charge a premium price tag. For a great free caller ID and spam protection app, look no further than Google's Phone app. If recording calls is a dealbreaker for you, then if you can overlook its design, Eyecon is a must-have.

However, there are times that you might want to block your own number, so it won't appear on caller ID. Maybe you're trying to surprise a significant other or call a company that you don't want to hear from again.

If you want to locate the person who has been harassing you from an unknown number then you don't have to look very far. Nowadays there is an array of caller location tracker apps available and you can use them to fulfill your concerns.

A caller location tracker is mainly used to get the approximate location info of unknown callers or contacts that you don't know well, like the caller's city/country. Some apps can even track the street info accurately.

Top 9 unknown caller tracker apps including their different features are listed below. Each of them can be used for tracking caller locations easily. You can make a quick selection according to your needs.

Truecaller is a free cell phone tracker by number. It is one of the greatest and well-known caller ID apps that is also capable of tracking caller locations. This is the most updated app on the play store.

Mobile Number Locator is another excellent addition to the list with more than 10,000,000+ downloads and with 4 stars. You can easily figure out who is calling you with the help of this caller id and number locator.

It instantly identifies the numbers via caller id along with the name and most importantly the location. The whole area like the city, state, the country as well as the operator of the number will be shown and the coordinates will be displayed on the map.

Du Caller will be able to identify the caller's general location and even block the number if the caller is bothering you. It comes with one of the largest phone number databases in the world. So, mostly all the numbers will get identified and the response time will be faster.

Showcaller is also capable of finding out the name, ID, and even the address of the unknown number that has been bothering you. If you are using this app then you can easily track caller location and avoid any spam, scams, and even telemarketing ads.

Caller ID is an excellent cell tracker and also a call blocker. The performance is great and does a great job of tracking unknown callers. The details are immediately provided to the users like the name of the caller, address etc. The caller ID on this app is very similar to Truecaller app for Android.

Hiya can be a good call location tracker which can eventually give you the caller's basic info every time. This caller ID app blocks the unwanted calls as well. The Hiya app is free and it is very easy to operate. It is also a utility app so it is able to identify and block unidentified numbers and you will also receive alerts if the incoming call is spam.

Another great caller locator! Using Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker is very simple, the operation is very easy and you can track caller location easily. You can also block or screen calls and do other things with the app.

This is the true alternative to the Truecaller app. It is a great app, with an attractive interface and outstanding features. It can also work offline. True Mobile Caller ID Locator is capable of finding out who is calling you and even tracing their location using GPS.

Aside from these caller location tracker apps, there are also other programs available that may not be represented as a call location tracker app but they are equipped with advanced features like viewing incoming and outgoing call history, callers, and even SMS.

DU Caller is a caller ID app which provides a range additional of privacy features. Screen private numbers, record calls, search a database of scam numbers and hide private information from unwanted access in a single free download.

With such a range of features, it can be difficult to pin down a single primary feature for DU Caller. The caller ID function shows detailed information about callers, including those listed as unknown or unlisted. A database of millions of known numbers is automatically checked, and any dangerous or known scam numbers are listed as such. The app also features a call recorder option that could be its own separate download. During or before a call, the option to start recording the call as a sound file appears. Also included are a way to hide calls, block certain callers, search for friends numbers and password protection. DU Caller offers a simple and easy navigation interface, even if most people may only be looking for a single element provided.

Eyecon is a free communication mobile app that enables you to easily check the names of unknown callers. Developed by Eyecon Phone Dialer & Contacts, this handy app syncs with popular social media platforms in order to verify the identities of any unfamiliar number calling your device. Not only that, but it updates the photos of the number, and adds every important information about the caller to your Contacts app.

The free TrueCaller for Android by True Caller Scandinavia AB is designed to keep all annoying scam and telemarketing calls off of your phone. It allows you to see who is calling you through a caller ID that will enable you to know the number. Also, information about who is calling you from a crowdsourced directory upheld through their system.

The app does take a lot of information at the download, which we will discuss later. However, what it also does, is includes your phone in its wide database gathered. As a result of this, it keeps you safe by instantly showing you the caller ID of who is calling you from its vast system.

Once this has finished, the app will start categorizing your incoming calls and displaying the names and locations of the person, even if it is an unknown caller. This feature is related to their extensive crowdsourcing of contacts, enabling most incoming connections to be identified.

Overall this application offers a lot of utility for a free program. Despite the invasive nature, which has become extremely common for apps in this modern world, it does an excellent job of protecting you from annoying messages and calls. 350c69d7ab


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