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The forking POV is one of the most reliable tools in screenwriting, but there are times when it can cause problems. In Mean Girls, Cady builds the entire movie from the to me, as I would like the audience to look at me like a princess, and our audience. Cady begins by narrating her experiences in the movie, but quickly jumps into giving her experience. During the next scene, when Regina, Lola, and even Cady are cast, Cady and the readers are seeing their perspectives. This can cause problems when youre narrating a scene as if you are the only person there, while your reader is witnessing what youre experiencing from the vantage point of your reader. In Mean Girls, Cady is narrating from her perspective, but she takes the reader on a journey so it makes sense that she is the only one in the room.

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The critical review is a great way to pick apart a movie so you can make it better. However, sometimes movies are better when you just accept the fact that your reaction to them can be subjective. In Mean Girls, Cady is trying to make a critical statement about Girls. That is, you can write your own rules, but that does not always mean they will be the right ones. (This comment about girls can also be applied to boys and men, but its especially relevant with girls, because of the vocal groups theyre more likely to be in. We need to stop marginalizing them because we know them more.)

The generalization is a common way for a writer to say something, but this is dangerous because it can be accepted without question. In Mean Girls, Cady asserts that girls are bad in such a roundabout way that it comes off as if she is making a statement, but she is actually just trying to make a point that can be applied to both genders.


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