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Janet Leigh

In April 1954 Leigh signed a 4-picture contract with Universal, where her husband was based.[42] She also signed a contract with Columbia to make one film a year for five years.[43] Leigh appeared in Pete Kelly's Blues (1954) with Jack Webb (who also directed), and subsequently starred in her first feature under the deal with Columbia: the title role in the musical comedy My Sister Eileen (1955), co-starring Jack Lemmon, Betty Garrett and Dick York, and based on a series of New Yorker stories about two sisters living in New York City.[44] In early 1955, Leigh and Curtis formed their own independent film production company, Curtleigh Productions.[45][46] Columbia cast Leigh in Safari (1956) opposite Victor Mature, shot in Kenya for Warwick Pictures.[47] The same year, Leigh and Curtis gave birth to their first child, daughter Kelly.[48] She subsequently made her television debut in an episode of Schlitz Playhouse, "Carriage from Britain". In 1957, the film Jet Pilot, which Leigh had filmed in 1949, was finally released.[28]

Janet Leigh



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