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(Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor )

the developers of windows shortcut arrow editor claim to have spent tons of hours of testing and debugging the application so that it really works. you can open up the file browser of windows, locate the folder of the file that holds the shortcuts and replace the icon. if this folder is located on a separate partition, you may need to copy it as well.

(Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor )

windows shortcut arrow editor is very simple to use and brings good results. although the level of customization is not great, it is an effective way to remove the tiny arrow for shortcut icons in windows.

windows shortcut arrow editor adds the arrow to the shortcut from the original icon. the program itself does not require to be installed, so you can use it on any pc. however, you need to be careful when editing the original file so that your edits do not corrupt it.

to do this, you select the windows shortcut arrow editor iconfactory mode, and you can drag and drop any image from your computer. this lets you add icons to the application shortcuts by dragging and dropping the image on the icon you want to change. this method is easier than to use the windows shortcut arrow editor tool, but it provides only a moderate level of customization.

windows shortcut arrow editor lets you change the path of the shortcut icon with the advanced option. you can use this to make your changes permanent or to just create a temporary icon. however, you cannot save these changes as registry entries or files, which is a frustration for those who prefer to have everything arranged neatly. another thing to note is that the program can work only on the desktop or taskbar icons of windows.


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