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Buy Loose Sapphires Online

All sapphires has healing powers but each color has its own metaphysical and physical healing powers. Most known are, white sapphire, purple/violet, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow and black. Every sapphire color is associated with an individual chakra and has separate properties too.

buy loose sapphires online

In addition to loose diamonds, Shane Co. has the largest selection of natural colored stones including: Sapphires: Choose from over ten sapphire colors, including yellow, pink, lavender, three shades of blue and others. You can find beautiful sapphires in your favorite hue. Our vibrant sapphires let you create your own fashionable rings and necklaces.

Our large selection of loose gemstones gives you infinite options to create custom pieces. With your favorite gemstone in hand, your jewelry opportunities are unlimited; place a beautiful ruby in a pendant, or create a custom charm with a colorful sapphire.

Folkmarket Gems offers you a very nice and fantastic collection of sapphires. We offer different varieties of sapphires, in a variety of colors. Folkmarket Gems is the best place to buy loose sapphires or raw sapphires for sale online.

Folkmarket gems offer any type of sapphire gemstones for sale. They include different locations' varieties such as Srilanka, Australia, Kashmir Sapphire, Afghanistan, Burma, African, Pakistan are mainly. Sapphire from Kashmir region is one of the popular varieties of sapphires. Most of the sapphires come from the Sri Lanka location to the market. Sapphire stones are durable for jewelry.

Usually, sapphire is known for its blue color. But it comes in a wide range of colors and quality variations. The more color will be intense, the more sapphire will be of great value. Other than the blue color, sapphires are called fancy sapphires such as yellow, orange, green, pink, white, Padparadscha, colorless, brown, purple, reddish-purple, violet.

We have a variety of loose sapphires online on our online gemstone store. They are available in parcels, single sapphire stone, fancy, or rainbow sapphires. Faceted sapphires in parcels contain normally every color of sapphire. Loose or cut sapphire stones have the following further variety

We offer raw sapphires for faceting, cabbing, or wire wrapping online. They normally include purple Kashmir Sapphires from Batakundi, Blue Sapphire crystals of hexagonal shapes, Zawadi Sapphires for making cabochons.

Disclaimer: All our sapphires are 100% Natural. Some having treatments and some are having no treatments. All are normally standard heated except red and orangish-red which are usually beryllium heated. Kashmir Purple Sapphires are 100% natural with no treatment heat or anything else.

Sapphire is one of the most recognizable colored gemstones in the market by customers. Sapphire is also the birthstone of September and is most known for its dark blue color. However, sapphires can come in various shades of blue and a whole rainbow of colors. They're most popular in blue, pink, and white sapphire.

Both sapphires and rubies come from the mineral called corundum. In fact, all red corundum is ruby and every other color of corundum is sapphire. You'll most likely see pink sapphire and white sapphire in jewelry stores like Zales and Jared.

James Allen carries a the largest selection of both loose sapphires and sapphire jewelry. You can find blue sapphires, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, and green sapphire as loose stones in their catalogue.

They carry them in various shapes, tones, hues, and saturations. You can see their stones at 20x magnification via their 360 degree viewing technology. They all have received heat treatment, which means they have been altered to enhance their color. We'll talk about treated and untreated sapphires further down.

Brilliant Earth is a popular online jewelry retailer that specializes in ethically conscious jewelry and giving back to various causes. They carry a wide selection of loose sapphires and allow you to build your own sapphire engagement ring.

They carry both lab created sapphires and natural ones too. Under the description of each natural sapphire, they tell you the origin of that stone. Some sapphires are heat treated and other specify if they are not. Some are from Sri Lanka, some Australian, and the highly popular right now-Montana sapphires.

Brilliant Earth has an awesome 360 viewer for you to observe your sapphires. You'll also be able to choose from over 200 ring settings to go with it as well as some neat viewing features like the skin tone changer. Check out this gorgeous Montana sapphire and the skin tone tool in the video below:

Aside from choosing your own sapphire, Brilliant Earth carries a bunch of preset sapphire jewelry, like these beautiful 18K white gold blue sapphire and diamond dangle earrings. They'll even have those teal sapphires in 18K white gold studs as well.

Even though most people know Brilliant Earth online, they also have a bunch of showrooms around the US that many like to shop at. You can also book an appointment in-store or online with a gemstone expert. Their online customer service is open 24/7.

With your sapphire jewelry purchase, you have the option of adding an Extended Service Plan. However if you plan to shop online only, you'll need to call after you purchase to add it. Inconvenient? Yes. Worth it though? You decide.

Blue Nile may not carry loose sapphires like James Allen, but they have a larger selection of sapphire jewelry. Most of their sapphire is blue, but there are a decent amount of pink sapphire jewelry as well.

Now, if you're looking for extraordinary sapphire jewelry, you might consider a piece from Blue Nile's Extraordinary Collection- but be warned, it also comes with extraordinary pricing too. These colors are very vivid and they're both natural and untreated. Most sapphires outside this collection are natural and heat treated to enhance color.

Why James Allen is Better: Not only does James Allen carry a rainbow of sapphire colors priced for both high and low end, they have many settings for you to put your beautiful sapphire in without a lengthy and expensive process. By offering loose sapphire, you're able to control your cost better than pre-designed pieces.

If you're looking for both affordable and untreated sapphires, Leibish & Co. is going to be your go to. Leibish & Co. will have treated and untreated sapphires with better cut shapes than you might find at James Allen.

Some of their sapphires are labeled as ceylon and have origins from Sri Lanka. They have 1 page of loose sapphires priced under $5000 and many in double digits, making it great for collectors and premium buyers.

You can see the loose sapphires through a 360 viewer as well and high magnification. They also have sapphire jewelry, but it's a small collection of under 100 pieces and they are mostly blue sapphires, with a few yellow and pink sapphires.

Why James Allen is better: Leibish and Co. offers some of the most prestigious sapphires on the market, but they're not readily accessible for the average bank account. With only a few choices under $5000, not everyone can afford. But they might be able to afford this gorgeous 1 carat oval pink sapphire and diamond engagement ring combo for less than $2000.

Blue sapphires are going to be the most expensive of all the sapphires and they are valued by their color. If you have a diamond with lower diamond grades, it might be less expensive than a high quality Vivid sapphire like the one below from Leibish and Co.

The most coveted sapphire cabochon is the star sapphire. Star sapphires are the result of rutile inclusions in the sapphire crystal. Gem cutter cut the cabochon in order to create the star sapphire look.

There's no actual cut standard for sapphires. You'll want to make sure the table of stone is centered and the shape looks even and like it's supposed to. But overall, when it comes down to value and pricing, the cut has little impact.

Tone is how is basically how dark or light the stone is. Colorless corundum would receive a 0. An gemstone color tone can be Very Light, Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark, and Very Dark. Medium to Dark is optimal for high quality sapphires.

Sapphires have different names according to the intensities of their hue. You might find the different shades of blue sapphire named, such as ceylon sapphires from Sri Lanka, royal blue sapphires from Burma, steely gray sapphires from Montana in the United States, or the priceless Kashmir sapphires.

The hues in a sapphire can range based on the color of sapphire. Valued blue sapphires may contain secondary hues of green and violet. While sapphires may be valued most at a pure blue color, the violet hues are very prized as well.

Eye-clean sapphires are hard to find and they are expensive. The clarity of a sapphire isn't a huge deal if you're not a collector. Just look for a sapphire whose inclusions may be deep enough or on closer to the girdle of the stone.

Internally flawless untreated natural sapphires are very expensive, so you should definitely check a grading report if you find one advertised as a deal. You can't cut corners with high quality sapphires.

Sapphires don't usually increase heavily in cost when they increase in carat weight. You're actually more likely to find sapphires over 1 carat than you are to find under it. It's easy to produce larger stones.

However, you won't usually find any sapphires over 5 carats in the commercial market. Larger sapphires increase in cost when their clarities are pristine and the color is fancy vivid. These factors in a larger carat weight will make prices skyrocket.

You may also see jewelry being advertised as simulated sapphires or the word sapphire in the headline, but the fine print in the description says differently. Simulated sapphires are stones that are passed off as sapphires, but are either another gemstone, or man-made entirely, and therefore fake.

Spinel, cubic zirconia, zircon, and colorless quartz that has been thermal shocked are all sapphire simulants. Look out for these words throughout any online listing. Here's an example of something you might see: 041b061a72

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