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PK Movie 4: A Review

PK Movie 4: A Review

PK is a popular Bollywood comedy-drama sci-fi film series that follows the adventures of an alien named PK, who lands on Earth and explores various aspects of human society, culture and religion. The first film, PK, was released in 2014 and became one of the highest-grossing Indian films of all time. The second film, PK Returns, was released in 2018 and continued the story of PK and his human friends. The third film, PK Reloaded, was released in 2021 and introduced a new alien character, RK, who joins PK in his quest to find his spaceship. The fourth and latest film, PK Revolution, was released in 2023 and features PK and RK leading a movement against a corrupt religious leader who exploits people's faith for his own gain.

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In this article, we will review the fourth film, PK Revolution, and discuss its plot, characters, themes, cinematography and music. We will also compare it with the previous films in the series and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.


The film begins with a flashback to the events of PK Reloaded, where PK and RK find their spaceship and return to their home planet. However, they soon realize that they miss Earth and their human friends, so they decide to come back. They land in Mumbai and reunite with Jaggu (Anushka Sharma), Sarfaraz (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Bhairon Singh (Sanjay Dutt), who are happy to see them. They also meet a new friend, Cherry Bajwa (Boman Irani), a journalist who is investigating a mysterious religious guru named Tapasvi Maharaj (Saurabh Shukla).

Tapasvi Maharaj is a charismatic leader who claims to have divine powers and a direct connection with God. He has millions of followers who donate money and valuables to his ashram. He also has a political influence and a private army of thugs who silence anyone who questions or opposes him. Tapasvi Maharaj is planning to launch a satellite called God's Eye, which he says will allow him to communicate with God and transmit his messages to the world.

PK and RK are intrigued by Tapasvi Maharaj and his teachings. They attend one of his public events and ask him some innocent but logical questions that expose his hypocrisy and fraudulence. Tapasvi Maharaj is enraged by their challenge and orders his men to capture them. However, PK and RK manage to escape with the help of Cherry Bajwa, who reveals that he is also a secret agent working for an international organization called Anti-Cult Coalition (ACC). ACC is dedicated to exposing and stopping cult leaders like Tapasvi Maharaj.

Cherry Bajwa tells PK and RK that Tapasvi Maharaj's satellite is actually a weapon of mass destruction that he intends to use to create chaos and fear in the world. He also tells them that Tapasvi Maharaj has kidnapped his daughter, Mitu (Maanvi Gagroo), who is a hacker and a whistleblower. Mitu had hacked into Tapasvi Maharaj's network and discovered his evil plans. She had also contacted Cherry Bajwa and sent him some evidence before she was captured.

PK and RK decide to help Cherry Bajwa rescue his daughter and stop Tapasvi Maharaj. They enlist the help of Jaggu, Sarfaraz and Bhairon Singh, who agree to join them. Together, they embark on a daring mission that involves infiltrating Tapasvi Maharaj's ashram, hacking his satellite, exposing his crimes and freeing his followers from his influence.


The film has a large ensemble cast that includes some of the most popular actors in Bollywood. The main characters are:

  • PK (Aamir Khan): The protagonist of the film series. He is an alien who has a curious and innocent personality. He is fascinated by human culture and religion. He is also very smart and resourceful. He has a special ability to read people's minds by holding their hands.

  • RK (Ranbir Kapoor): The deuteragonist of the film series. He is another alien who joins PK in his adventures on Earth. He has a similar personality to PK but is more mischievous and playful. He has a special ability to change his appearance by touching someone's face.

  • Jaggu (Anushka Sharma): The female lead of the film series. She is a journalist and a love interest of PK. She is brave, intelligent and compassionate. She helps PK and RK in their mission and also learns from them.

  • Sarfaraz (Sushant Singh Rajput): The male lead of the film series. He is a Pakistani musician and a love interest of Jaggu. He is charming, talented and loyal. He supports Jaggu and her friends in their mission and also bonds with PK and RK.

  • Bhairon Singh (Sanjay Dutt): A supporting character of the film series. He is a bandit who becomes a friend of PK. He is rough, tough and humorous. He provides comic relief and also helps PK and his friends in their mission.

  • Cherry Bajwa (Boman Irani): A new character introduced in the fourth film. He is a journalist and a secret agent who works for ACC. He is smart, courageous and determined. He leads the mission to stop Tapasvi Maharaj and rescue his daughter.

  • Mitu (Maanvi Gagroo): A new character introduced in the fourth film. She is the daughter of Cherry Bajwa and a hacker and a whistleblower. She is clever, brave and rebellious. She exposes Tapasvi Maharaj's plans and helps PK and his friends in their mission.

  • Tapasvi Maharaj (Saurabh Shukla): The main antagonist of the fourth film. He is a religious guru who claims to have divine powers and a direct connection with God. He is actually a fraud, a tyrant and a terrorist. He exploits people's faith for his own benefit and plans to launch a satellite that will cause destruction in the world.


The film explores various themes that are relevant to the contemporary society, such as:

  • Religion: The film examines the role of religion in human life, both positive and negative. It shows how religion can provide meaning, comfort and guidance to people, but also how it can be misused, manipulated and corrupted by some people for their own selfish interests. It also shows how religion can create divisions, conflicts and violence among people, but also how it can inspire harmony, tolerance and peace among them.

  • Cults: The film exposes the dangers of cults and their leaders, who brainwash, exploit and harm their followers. It shows how cults use various tactics such as deception, coercion, isolation, indoctrination, fear, guilt, threats and violence to control their followers. It also shows how cults can have a negative impact on the society at large, by spreading misinformation, hatred and terror.

  • Science: The film celebrates the power of science and its contribution to human progress. It shows how science can help people understand the world better, solve problems, create innovations and improve lives. It also shows how science can be used for good or evil purposes, depending on the intentions of those who use it.

  • Friendship: The film highlights the importance of friendship and its role in human happiness. It shows how friendship can provide support, comfort, joy and fun to people, especially in times of difficulty or danger. It also shows how friendship can transcend boundaries of race, nationality, religion or species.

  • Love: The film depicts the beauty of love and its effect on human emotions. It shows how love can make people happy, hopeful, passionate and romantic. It also shows how love can make people brave, loyal, selfless and heroic.


The film has a high-quality cinematography that enhances the visual appeal of the film. The film uses various techniques such as:

  • Wide shots: The film uses wide shots to show the vastness and diversity of the Earth's landscapes, such as deserts, mountains, forests, oceans, cities etc. These shots also show the contrast between the natural beauty of the Earth and the artificial ugliness of Tapasvi Maharaj's ashram.

  • Close-ups: The film uses close-ups to show the expressions and emotions of the characters, especially PK and RK, who have expressive eyes that convey their curiosity, innocence, wonder, confusion etc.

  • Slow motion: The film uses slow motion to emphasize some important or dramatic moments in the film, such as when PK or RK use their special abilities or when they escape from Tapasvi Maharaj's men.

funny and entertaining scenes in the film, such as when PK and RK try to blend in with the human society or when they make fun of Tapasvi Maharaj's followers.

  • Special effects: The film uses special effects to create some realistic and impressive scenes in the film, such as when PK and RK use their spaceship, when Tapasvi Maharaj launches his satellite, or when PK and RK change their appearance.


The film has a catchy and melodious music that enhances the mood and atmosphere of the film. The film has a variety of songs that suit different situations and emotions in the film, such as:

  • PK Revolution: The title song of the film. It is a fast-paced and energetic song that expresses the theme of the film. It is sung by Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal. It plays during the opening credits and the climax of the film.

  • Dil Se Dil Tak: A romantic song that depicts the love story of Jaggu and Sarfaraz. It is a soft and sweet song that expresses their feelings for each other. It is sung by Atif Aslam and Sunidhi Chauhan. It plays during their first meeting and their reunion.

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